Drafting of European Standards up to Enquiry stage 

This page specifies the actions required to draft a European Standard (EN) in accordance with the existing rules and plans, and to deliver it to the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC).

1. PROCESS (Flowchart)

1.1 The working document is drafted in the agreed reference language, preferably English.

1.2 The WG Convenor or Secretary circulates at least one version of the working document, via the TC Secretary, to the parent TC for information.

1.3 In addition, the TC Secretary uploads the working document, together with a completed 'Transmission Notice', onto E-Trans where it is available to CCMC for registration as First Working Draft (stage code 20.60).

1.4 When the WG Convenor judges that the working document is ready for the CEN Enquiry stage, after agreement from the WG, it is sent to the TC Secretary.

1.5 The TC Chairperson and the TC Secretary agree to send the working document to the CEN Enquiry.

1.6 The  WG Convenor or WG Secretary, if any, and the Editing Committee, if any, finalizes the working document using the STD template (in the reference language version) in accordance with the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations – Part 3. See also process 'CEN Enquiry'.

1.7 The WG’s Professional Standardization Support (PSS) checks the draft for compliance with the CEN requirements for the electronic transmission of drafts prior to its transmission to the TC Secretariat. See GD 'Drafting of European Standards – Electronic preparation'.