European Standard (EN) 

The  European Standard (EN) is CEN's prime deliverable by excellence.
An EN is the result of a transparent, open and consensual development process with national commitment. The individual steps of this process are accessible via the index on the left, where they appear in chronological order.

The introduction of the Flexible standards development process implies a different approach in the project management from TC officers and experts allowing more flexibility.

During the planning of the work, they need to ensure that the TC and the responsible WG(s) have at disposal the necessary resources and expertise to meet the pre-defined objectives, to which they have committed. Elements to be carefully taken into account are the scope, time, quality together with possible risks and project disturbances.
The TC will have to continuously monitor the progress of the project in order to ensure that the planning is respected - all target dates are met – and to take corrective measures if necessary.

The Flexible process applies to WIs for:

  • homegrown CEN standards
  • CEN standards under Vienna Agreement with CEN lead.

European Standards shall be implemented at national level in all CEN member countries by being given the status of national standards and any conflicting national standard shall be withdrawn.