Interfaces between TC Secretariats and the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre 

This document describes the different interfaces between TC Secretariats and the CEN-CENELEC  Management Centre (CCMC) in order to ensure the efficiency and transparency of the CEN System.


Good communication is essential for the efficiency of the CEN System.
The use of simple and effective communication tools saves time and efforts and enables to prevent errors in the treatment of requests, documents, etc.

The Technical Committee Secretary shall communicate with the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre through the ways described below (see Clause 2), according to the type of document or information.


2.1 The sending of (draft) European Standards (ENs), Technical Specifications (CEN/TSs) or Technical Reports (CEN/TRs) shall be made via E-Trans according to the GD - CEN-CENELEC Translation Procedure, by the TC (or TC/SC) Secretary, at their various stages of production:

  • draft first working documents;
  • draft documents for submission to Enquiry;
  • FprENs for submission to formal vote;
  • FprCEN/TSs and/or FprCEN/TRs for submission to vote;
  • ENs, CEN/TSs and/or CEN/TRs for publication, if finalized by the TC.

2.2 The TC Secretaries shall systematically communicate to CCMC all decisions taken via the appropriate method within two weeks:

  • Creation of New Work items, creation of Preliminary Work items and activation of Preliminary Work items shall be submitted via the PROJEX-ONLINE Working Area. Support for this system is provided by Project Committees must continue to use the Word templates as the creation of their New Work items and activation of their Preliminary Work items require BT approval.
  • All other types of decisions shall be sent by e-mail to or submitted via the PROJEX-ONLINE working area. Formatted decisions should be used and shall be sent by e-mail to or submitted via the PROJEX-ONLINE working area.

2.3 The TC Secretary receives a monthly automatic email containing alerts (3 year timeframe, etc.) from  in line with initiatives in the context of faster delivery of deliverables (see guidance document ‘Faster delivery of European Standards and other deliverables’). The TC Secretary shall ensure that the necessary actions are taken, including the submission of a request for a tolerance, if applicable (see 2.2).

2.3  In accordance with the guidance document 'Establishing the Business Plan of a Technical Committee', the TC Secretary sends the CEN/TC business plan, attached to an email to the following address:

2.4 CCMC Project Managers
Project Managers are an important link between CCMC and CEN Technical Committees, Subcommittees and Working Groups for all issues of a technical nature, issues relating to Sectors, to EC Directives and mandates/standardization requests, issues involving CENELEC/ETSI/ISO, etc. They contribute to the ongoing improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of the standards making process.

Irrespective of these contacts between the CEN/TC Secretary and the relevant Project Manager, the contact details interfaces given in clauses 2.1 to 2.3 always apply for the specific submissions referred to.