CEN Maintenance Agencies 

This page gives guidelines to TC or SC when a Maintenance Agency is required


A Maintenance Agency is a Competent body assigned by the CEN Technical Board responsible for the continuous updating of a European Standard.


  • A CEN Technical Committee (TC) or Subcommittee (SC) developing a European Standard (EN) that will require a maintenance agency shall inform the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) at an early stage in order to permit any necessary negotiations and to allow the Technical Board (BT) to take any decision in advance of the publication of the EN.
  • The BT designates maintenance agencies in connection with the ENs including appointment of their members, on the proposal of the TC concerned.
  • The Secretariat of the Maintenance Agency should be attributed wherever possible to the Secretariat of the TC or SC which has prepared the EN.
  • CCMC should be responsible for contacts with external organizations associated with the work of the maintenance agency.
  • The rules of procedure of maintenance agencies should be subject to BT approval and any requested delegation of authority in connection with the updating of the EN or the issuing of amendments shall be specifically requested by the BT.
  • Any charges for services provided by a maintenance agency shall be authorized by the BT.