Updating of CEN publications 

This document helps to determine which method to follow in order to update a CEN Publication (corrigendum, amendment or correction notice).


1.1 The correction of mistakes, which lead to an incorrect or unsafe application of a European Standard (EN) or a Technical Specification (CEN/TS) or a Technical Report (CEN/TR), shall be handled by the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC), by the issuing of a corrigendum to all CEN Members with the request for immediate action at national level.

Corrigendum = supplementary document to one, two or all three versions of a CEN publication, which corrects one or more errors or ambiguities inadvertently introduced in either drafting or printing and which could lead to incorrect or unsafe application of those versions.

1.2  The correction, alteration or supplement concerning technical points (addition to or deletion of specific parts of the text of an EN or CEN/TS or CEN/TR or CEN Guide - e.g. updating of normative reference, ...) to an existing edition of an EN before a complete revision shall be handled by the Technical Committee (TC) through the preparation of an amendment.

Amendment = ratified supplementary document to an EN already circulated to CEN National Members for national implementation, to be read in conjunction with that EN and which alters and/or adds to previously agreed technical provisions in that EN.


2.1 General

An EN may be updated :

  • by the publication of a corrigendum; and/or
  • by the publication of a consolidated EN (i.e. the issue of a new edition following the approval of a draft amendment);or
  • by the revision of the EN (i.e. the issue of a new edition with a new publication year).

In addition, Correction notices may be used for minor procedural/editorial issues in accordance with resolution BT 43/1995.

If a correction is necessary after the delivery of the ratified text, in order to speed up the correction of documents and to inform the CEN Members before they have prepared their final national version, the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) is authorised to send letters with minor corrections within one month (in exceptional cases up to three months) of the date of availability (dav).
The table hereafter provides a comparative description for the use of correction notices, corrigenda and amendments.

2.2 Corrigendum

A corrigendum is generally not submitted to any enquiry or voting procedure. However, if verification by the CEN Members is required, the intended correction is circulated for a two months period before being issued.

2.3 Amendment

Amendments shall be restricted to European Standards with a date of availability (dav, 60.60) of less than 4 years in the past and be avoided whenever possible. In principle, non-urgent changes deemed necessary for a standard should be gathered and dealt with on the occasion of the revision of the standard.