Amendments to European Standards 

This page specifies the actions required to consider any modification to, addition to or deletion of specific parts of a European Standard (EN) by processing an amendment (including the addition of Annex Z of European Standards for citation in the Official Journal), in line with the agreed time frames.

1 PROCESS (Flowchart)

The following process applies to the CEN National Members, the CEN and ECISS Technical Committees (TC) and the TC Secretaries and the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC). 

1.1 The CEN Members, the TC or Project Committee, the EC, the EFTA Secretariat, the international or European trade organizations, professional, technical or scientific organizations send a request for an amendment to an existing EN to the appropriate TC via the TC Secretary.

 The TC, being responsible for the maintenance of the EN, decides if the EN is to be amended or not and if an amendment is deemed necessary, takes a Decision, specifying the track to be followed:

  • CEN enquiry and formal vote; or
  • Unique Acceptance Procedure (UAP) (a decision to submit a draft document to UAP has to be accompanied by a justification for approval by BT - see Decision BT 37/2015)

NOTE: Only valid for ENs that are less than 4 years old.

1.3 The TC prepares the draft amendment.

1.4 If the decision is to follow the CEN enquiry and formal vote, please go first to the procedure for 'CEN Enquiry'.
If the decision is to follow the UAP, please go to procedure 'Unique Acceptance Procedure'. For further information on amendments to European Standards; please go to the GD 'Updating of CEN Publications'.



How can a TC Secretary create a WI or activate a preliminary work item number for a new amendment?

Via Projex-Online instead of the former Formatted Decisions.

In which case is a shortened UAP allowed?

If the mother EN is less than 4 years.

During the preparation of a draft amendment, can the TC change the track or choose a shortened UAP of 3 months?

Yes, if the TC notes later that the amendment is simple and not controversial, it can take a Decision to apply a shortened UAP of 3 months.