Guidance to proposers or submitters for transposition of International Standards as European Standards 


In order to assist CEN in assessing the proposal, the submitter is requested to provide a brief commentary on the reasons why the particular International Standard should be transposed into a European Standard. The submitters attention is drawn to the following:
Although an International Standard would normally take precedence and be acceptable for procurement purposes, a European Standard may be needed:

  • to meet specific European requirements (legislation, public procurement, and/or other market demands);
  • to accommodate cultural requirements;
  • to avoid the risk of undue national deviation to ensure harmonization;
  • to promote European cohesion and trading competitiveness.

In each case the specific need should be identified.

Justification and comments, the business case - see also ISO guide 26 - including :

  • why is there a need for the same standard to be used across Europe;
  • who supports the proposal (with evidence, e.g. letters of support);
  • when is the deliverable wanted by (date), and why, and what is the consequence of being late/early;
  • what is its priority in relation to ongoing work (what should be abandoned to make room for it?);
  • who is committed to using the results.


The submitter is further requested to provide technical information regarding the document.
This shall include information on:

  • the title and scope of the work/document;
  • the references of any existing standards in this area;
  • related work/documents which should be taken into consideration.

In addition, the submitter is requested to indicate if it is expected that resulting from transposition of this International Standard, further activities would be proposed which may have resourcing consequences. If so, has the submitter been provided with any evidence that funding and/or expertise for these activities would be offered?