Translation of titles of European Standards for citation in the Official Journal 

This page focuses on gathering the translation of titles other than those in the three official CEN languages and provides guidance to CEN National Members when uploading the translation of titles in case of European Standards (EN) for citation in the OJ.


The titles of adopted CEN publications intended to be cited in the Official Journal (OJ) must be translated in all official languages of the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

The translation of titles is one of the tasks assigned to CEN in the Framework Partnership Agreement with the Commission.


2.1 Every month, CEN National Members automatically receive an electronic reminder file containing a list of all work items (having at least reached FV stage) for which the national titles have not yet been provided. The CEN National Members shall provide those missing translations to CCMC (through iProjex) at the latest by the date of ratification (dor) of the identified standards.

An additional file is also provided containing the national titles, already available in the CEN database, of those standards published the previous month. Those titles should be verified by the CEN National Members.

On iProjex, National Members can also generate reminder files themselves, e.g. to remind them that some data still have to be delivered or to provide information on the actual state of data within the CEN database.

2.2 Several times a year, CCMC compiles all the available translations of titles (as well as additional information) and makes them available to EC and EFTA in electronic format.

2.3 If a need for correction and/or update of the translation of a specific title is detected, the CEN National Member should upload a new title via iProjex. It will then be included in the next delivery of translations made available to EC and EFTA.