CEN Guides 

This page specifies the actions required to prepare, approve, publish and update a CEN Guide

 1 PROCESS (Flowchart)

1.1 The AG, CA or BT decides to issue a CEN Guide.

1.2 The CEN Guide is drafted in one of the official CEN languages by the appropriate body appointed by the AG, CA or BT.

1.3 CCMC circulates the draft CEN Guide for approval to the relevant body (i.e. AG, CA or BT).

1.4 CEN Guides providing information or guidance on technical work shall be approved by the Technical Board, all other Guides by the General Assembly or Administrative Board, through a simple majority vote.

1.5 If approved, the CEN Guide is made available by the CCMC.
If the CEN Guide is not approved, a decision is taken by the responsible body to redraft it (go back to 1.2) or to stop the work.

1.6 A CEN Guide is not amended, but replaced by a new edition under the same number with a new date. Corrigenda published by the CCMC are, however, possible.

1.7 CEN Guides are revised, when appropriate, by the responsible body. Withdrawal will also be possible at any moment on the basis of a simple majority vote within the body that has approved that CEN Guide.