Distribution and sales of CEN Workshop Agreements 

This page describes the process for the distribution and sales of CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA).


The following procedure applies to CEN Workshops, the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) and the CEN National Members.

1.1 CCMC distributes the definitive text of the CWA to the CEN National Members and to the registered CEN Workshop participants (those who have developed it).

1.2 The CWA is made available following the same route as other CEN technical publications, i.e.

  • by the CEN National Members at national level (go to 1.3);
  • by CCMC to the European Commission and other specified European agencies and stakeholders, and NSBs of third countries and Regional Standards Organizations.

The CWA is not made available for download from the CEN website. However, CEN may agree exceptionally on:

  • a free download pending an upfront compensation for CEN Members' loss of sales income due to this free download. This compensation may be contracted with those having funded the development of the CWA, generally Workshop participants, or other third parties;
  • a specific arrangement to make a CWA available for free download in the framework of an EC funded project, upon compensation.

1.3 The CEN National Members announce the existence of a CWA and either.

  • publish the CWA, or
  • publish a national implementation of the CWA, or
  • provide details of sources of supply.

1.4 The CEN National Members sell the publications in accordance with their own sales policies and processes within the conditions laid down in CEN-CENELEC Guide 10.