Review of Technical Specifications 


 This page specifies the actions required to review or update a Technical Specification (CEN/TS).


1.1 A CEN/TS is not amended but replaced by a new edition with a new date of edition.
Corrigenda are possible.

1.2 The responsible CEN/TC shall ensure that the CEN/TS is reviewed at intervals of not more than three years, starting from its date of availability (dav).

1.3 The aim of such review is to re-examine the situation which resulted in the publication of the CEN/TS.
At each review, the responsible CEN/TC decides by taking a Decision on one of the following options, in accordance with the process for 'Delegated Decisions':

  • an EN is now desirable, in which case the CEN/TS should be submitted for conversion to an EN through Enquiry or Formal Vote.
  • the CEN/TS continues to represent the 'appropriate consensus' solution to the market need; in which case it should be confirmed for a further 3 years;
  • the CEN/TS is obsolete or no longer serves the market need; in which case the CEN/TS should be withdrawn.

Any decision to confirm a CEN/TS for another three years shall be accompanied by a valid justification from the CEN/TC.